What CANduino kits can be purchased?

CANduino is available in many various options.

CANduino STRUCTURE is a set of plastic structure elements printed on a 3D printer and screws needed to assemble the structure. All others elements should be purchased separately. The structure consists of mounting platforms and external casing. Platforms allow to mount Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA oraz Arduino DUE and sensor. These boards can be mounted using plastic pegs while sensors can be mounted with plastic clamps. Electrical connections between PCBs can be made via universal pin cables. There is dedicated place for 9V battery, telemetry transmitter and power switch. Assembled structure has holes for easy access to programming sockets.


CANduino UNO/MEGA/DUE is a basic kit. It consists of plastic structure, 9V battery, Arduino PCB, simple 433MHz transmitter, temperature and humidity sensor and set of necessary cables, screws and clamps needed to asseble CANduino.

CANduino UNO/MEGA/DUE plus  is a CANduino UNO/MEGA/DUE kit extended with multi-sensor which includes gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer (electronic compass), barometer and thermometer. The kit includes also CC1000PP radio module with good stability and allowing for frequency and modulation change (for example modulation can be set to RTTY which can give tens of kilometers range).

CANduino GS (Ground Station) is a set for advanced radio signals reception using SDR radio technology. It consists of specially prepared USB TV tuner card based on rtl2832u chip (or similar). Thanks to usage of special drivers and software this card can work as SDR receiver which allows to receive data from CANduino transmitters but not only. This advanced device can receive also other types of transmission like telemetry from planes or even meteorological images from satellites.

UNO/MEGA/DUE naming of kits describes which type of onboard computer is included in particular kit.

Arduino ( is a design environment for designing various electronics projects that use microcontrollers. There are over a dozen standard computer boards, plenty of sensors and programming environment which is portable. This means we can use any microcontroller board with any sensor and quickly find a universal program which will work with all those hardware combinations. The only change needed might be the redefinition of interconnection pins between Arduino board and the sensor. Sensors and extensions are available in the form of separate modules which can be connected with cables or boards which can be plugged directly onto Arduino board.

CANduino has been designed to use Arduino boards: UNO, MEGA, and DUE and sensor modules connected by cables. However, thanks to the modular design it is possible to use any configuration.

Arduino UNO is the simplest one among available Arduino boards. It has ATmega328 16 MHz microcontroller and works with 5V supply. Quite small amount of memory and available interfaces allows for building rather simple systems. There is not enough resources for more complex projects.

Arduino MEGA is an extended version of Arduino UNO. It has ATmega2560 16 MHz microcontroller and many interfaces. Main drawback is that it can be powered only with 5V. There is growing number of extension modules and sensors working with 3.3V supply and additional voltage converters have to be used for these boards. Because of that such converter is supplied with CANduino UNO/MEGA kits so the CC1000PP radio module can be connected.

Arduino DUE is a real monster in the Arduino world. 96kB of RAM memory is a lot for microcontrollers (10x more than in Arduino MEGA). The processor used is AT91SAM3X8E working with 84MHz clock speed. The dfefaul supply voltage is 3.3V so it is easy to connect many new extensions like WiFi, Ethernet, GPS, GSM, radio transceivers, etc.

Below you can find parameters comparison of all three Arduino boards.


Name Processor Operating Voltage/Input Voltage CPU Speed Analog In/Out Digital IO/PWM EEPROM [KB] SRAM [KB] Flash [KB] USB UART
Uno ATmega328 5 V/7-12 V 16MHz 6/0 42169 1 2 32 Regular 1
Mega 2560 ATmega2560 5 V/7-12 V 16MHz 16/0 54/15 4 8 256 Regular 4
Due AT91SAM3X8E 3.3 V/7-12 V 84MHz 12/2 54/12 96 512 2 Micro 4


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